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Crowns are a classic dental solution for restoring a damaged, decayed, or unsightly tooth, but most patients don’t like having to wait around with a temporary crown while their permanent restoration is being made at an off-site lab. That’s why Smile Dental Clinic in Falls Church and Herndon, Virginia, offers same-day crowns for its patients. If you want your crown today, schedule a visit with Farah Ahmad, DDS, and Saira Ahmad, DDS. You can book your appointment by phone or online.

Same-Day Crowns Q & A

What is a crown?

A crown is an artificial tooth cap. It’s permanently bonded to an existing root structure, like a dental implant or your natural tooth root, where it serves a variety of purposes, like:

  • Restoring a tooth that’s suffered serious damage or decay
  • Replacing a tooth that’s discolored, misshapen, or unsightly
  • Protecting a weakened tooth from further damage

Crowns are also typically fitted after a root canal to restore the strength and structure of your tooth.

Once in place, a crown feels and functions just like a natural tooth. Depending on the material your crown is made of, it can even look just like a natural tooth, too!

What are crowns made of?

There are a few different materials that are used to make crowns, such as:

  • Ceramic or porcelain
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal
  • All-resin
  • Gold alloys
  • Base metal alloys

All of these materials have different advantages, depending on what you want out of your crown and which tooth in your mouth it’s going to replace.

When you get your crown at Smile Dental Clinic, your dentist helps you to select a material that works best for your unique needs, preferences, and budget.

What is the process of getting a crown?

First, your dentist at Smile Dental Clinic numbs your mouth with a local anesthetic and prepares your tooth-to-be-crowned by shaving off some of its enamel. They then take an impression of your smile that’s used to design your crown, ensuring that it fits comfortably in your mouth and blends in seamlessly with your smile.

At most clinics, your dentist would send your impression off to a lab to actually fabricate your crown. This process can take weeks, during which time you’re left wearing a temporary crown that’s not as comfortable and is susceptible to falling off.

Smile Dental Clinic does things a little differently by offering same-day crowns. Their state-of-the-art offices have a machine on-site that quickly mills your crown while you wait in the chair. Your high-quality, custom-built crown is ready in a matter of minutes, saving you the discomfort of having to wear a temporary crown and the inconvenience of having to come back to the office for another visit.

Once your crown is ready, your dentist checks that it fits comfortably and looks great. They then seal it in place with dental cement and send you on your way, giving you an instantly improved smile that will leave you eating, speaking, and smiling better as soon as you leave the office.

To learn more about how Smile Dental Clinic can improve your smile with a same-day crown, call the office or schedule your visit online today.