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"Dr. Farah and Liz really made the experience and service amazing. They were able to provide professional Dental Service and excellent Customer Service. THANK YOU!!! - Robert

"Buena atención, servicios excelentes, amables , gentiles, te dan seguridad y confianza , lo cual te permite tener una buena disposición para recibir los servicios . Y si no hablas inglés, tienen personal bilingüe." - Maria

"My first visit to Smile Dental Clinic was excellent. Everyone was so kind. I was seen right away for my scheduled appointment. Every staff member was efficient and communicated well about the procedures taking place. Dr. Farah Ahmad was wonderful. So grateful to have discovered Smile Dental Clinic. I highly recommend for your dental needs." - Carrie

"Dr. Saira Ahmed is amazing and really cares about their patients. I have done my deep cleaning and fixed my front tooth with her (3-4 appointments). Also back in the days from 2013-2017, I used to get all my dental work with Dr. Farah Ahmed and she is awesome too. Overall the staff is very professional, friendly, and welcoming. They are honest, humble and the best in the industry, I highly recommend them." - Harry

"The dentist Dr. Farah Ahmad and assistant were both great! I haven't been to the dentist in the US before so I didn't fully know what to expect and they made me feel so comfortable! They explained what they were doing, and overall their vibes were great. They were both professional and friendly. Even the receptionist was lovely. Normally I'm anxious in medical places but not today, girl! I was like eh, ok what's next? I highly recommend Smile Dental!

Like everyone else says, Dr. Farah and her team really do care about their patients. I didn't feel like they were rushing, or just after money. They cared about your well-being and that's awesome!" - Mila

"Smile Dental Clinic Is a very nice place and clean. The doctor and nurses are very nice and helpful. They will take care of their patients and they listen to their patients. I would recommend Smile Dental Clinic to my friends and family." - Numan