At Smile Dental Clinic, we are dedicated to providing personalized and compassionate dental care that prioritizes our patients’ wellbeing. We believe in the importance of preventive measures to maintain oral health and offer high-quality treatments to address functional and aesthetic concerns. By combining expertise with empathy, we aim to empower our patients to achieve and keep healthy smiles and enhanced confidence.

Your Smile is Our Priority

Since Dr. Farah Ahmad opened the doors of Smile Dental Clinic in 1994, she has built a practice known for commitment to personalized care and patient satisfaction. A family-owned and family-friendly office, Dr. Farah has been joined by her daughters Dr. Saira Ahmad and Dr. Sumra Ahmad. They share her love dentistry and dedication to patient satisfaction.

Prioritizing strong relationships, tailored treatment plans, and ongoing education, we ensure gentle procedures, optimal outcomes, and empowered patients!

We’re All About You

Understanding that seeing the dentist is not everyone’s favorite way to spend time, we have designed our office to be a welcoming and supportive space. We want you to feel at ease during visits, always confident that you’re in caring, capable hands.

  • We prioritize individualized care, taking the time needed to understand your unique needs and preferences.
  • We go above-and-beyond to make you feel valued from the moment you walk through our doors and are warmly greeted by name.
  • We offer amenities to enhance your experience and strive to exceed your expectations at every visit.
  • We establish and maintain open communication, ensuring you know you are heard and that we respect you as person, beyond your dental health.

Our goal is for you to leave our office feeling satisfied, reassured, and confident in your oral health journey.

Our Commitment to Your Wellbeing

Our doctors and staff believe you deserve quality oral healthcare that ensures you enjoy full function and the ability to eat and speak with confidence. Likewise, you deserve a one-of-a-kind smile that allows your wonderful personality to shine. We also believe you deserve to understand the connection between oral and overall health, your specific dental health concerns, and what you can do to maintain optimal oral wellness. We want you to enjoy a happy and healthy life, with a wonderful smile that you love to share!

Learn More

Drs. Ahmad and the Smile Dental Clinic team would be honored to be your trusted smile care partners. We invite you to learn more by scheduling a complimentary consultation – absolutely no pressure or obligation! – at our Falls Church or Herndon, VA dental office.

We can’t wait to see you love your smile; schedule a consultation, today!